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SELECT machines

All-electric SELECT injection molding machines

  • 100 % Electric range
  • All machine movements are electrically driven

Enter a new world, more productive, more economic and cleaner.

Billion - Select range 40 to 600 tons

SELECT Range 40 to 600 Tons

SELECT machines are dedicated to plastics molders wishing to implement electric drives for cost-effective, energy saving and clean productions.

  • 50 to 70% electrical energy savings
  • 0 liter water for machine cooling
  • 0 liter oil
    no more recycling, reduced maintenance, no more cooling
  • Reduction of rejects
    Increased productivity - Precision and consistency of the process from the 1st cycle leading to lower rejects
  • 100% User friendly
    Designed by, and for plastic processors. Select provides an immediate familiarity for injection molding processors
  • - 65dB = Very quiet machine
  • Clean machine for a clean production environment
Billion - Select machines  more productive, more economic and cleaner.

High performance components and mechanical systems

Each motor integrates an optical encoder for ultra-precise measurement of motor speed and position.

Belt transmissions

Highly durable steel reinforced polyurethane belts are coated to ensure no dust pollution.

Planetary roller screws

Precision, strength, high wear life.

Ball screws

Used for ejection and injection unit travel.

Select - High performance components and mechanical systems

Energy used only where and when needed

Dedicated drives

Each movement of the machine is piloted by a synchronous servo-motor, which in turn is controlled by its own inverter drives – 6 to 7 motors on a single material machine.

Reduced friction

Through use of high performance mechanical systems: linear rails, planetary roller screws and ball screws.

Optimised motor control

High quality inverter drives ensure the highest efficiency for the motors (η > 0,9). Precise speed control from 3000rpm to complete stop.

Select - Energy used only where and when needed