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Billion provides EasyTurn, a rotary index plate fully integrated to the molding machine for your multi-component overmolding applications.

Twin shot made simple

The ejector plate features an integrated synchronous motor driving a rotary central shaft via a belt.

His configuration ensures an angular precision greater than 1/100th of a degree.

The rotary shaft includes a cooling manifold to its rear section connecting to internal porting for transition of mold temperature control fluid circuits up to 110°C.

EasyTurn - Twin shot made simple

EasyTurn - for your multi-component overmolding applications

  • EasyTurn integration :
    Mechanical, electrical, software with energy management
  • Compatible with hydraulic mold clamping
  • Minimal dynamic mass
  • Increased mold height range
  • Mechanical reliability and accessibility
  • Smooth, fast and precise movements
EasyTurn - User-friendly control via DIXIT3

User-friendly control via DIXIT3

  • Alarm states integrated within the overall cycle
  • Stop position precision 1/100th of a degree
  • User choice of core number assigned to rotation
  • Rotation clockwise / anti clockwise / pendular
  • Data stored as part of mold settings program
  • 6 freely programmable stations
  • Automatic evaluation of dynamic mass for speed optimization
  • Archive index plate programs recognized and revised automatically