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BILLION, Multi-injection specialist

From pioneer in 1961 to expert today, BILLION offers the benefit of a unique know-how in multi-shot technologies. BILLION is firstly a complete range of machines from 100 to 2650 T designed to be adaptable to all multi-injection technologies.

Versatility of the V configuration

The versatile V configuration is chosen by BILLION for the implementation of the 2nd injection unit : minimum floor space requirement, quick mould change, ergonomics, high speed production. All multi-material technologies may be implemented, together with the capability for use in traditional single material applications.

  • Independent open nozzles for overmoulding applications
  • Combined nozzle (patented) for sandwich and colour effects applications
  • A simple swivel base mechanism for the injection units simplifies access to the nozzles and plasticizing units for process changes and maintenance
  • Rotating table
  • DIXIT control system for multi-injection cycles, cores and rotating table
  • Multi-injection technologies are available on the complete range, on all-electric, as well hydraulic machines
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